Rules & Requirements

To become a member, there are certain basic requirements that needs to be fulfilled.

Requirements for becoming a member

  • Have a valid contract proving you live at Lappkärrsberget.
  • Paying the fee.

Requirements for becoming a member

All new members must accept and follow the rules of the gym. Any deviation from the rules might result in having your membership revoked.
If the rules mentioned in this document are not followed the membership, of the person in question, will expire.

Gym rules

Opening hours

  • Main gym: Weekdays 06-23, weekends 12-23.
  • Cardio room: Weekdays 08-22, weekends 12-22.
  • You have to enter the gym before 22.00.
  • For day-time membership; Access until 17:00 on weekdays and all day on weekends. On weekdays the member has to leave the gym before 18:00.

Rules concerning membership

  • Never use the facilities without a valid membership card. No free try-out.
  • Always bring your membership card and identification. We will conduct frequent inspections.
  • Only students living at Lappkärrsberget (with a contract at sssb or through the university) may become a member of the gym.
  • If you lose your membership card, you are not allowed to workout until you get a replacement card.
  • The membership card and key are personal. If you lend out your key or your membership card to a non-member your membership and your deposition for the key card will be forfeit.
  • It is forbidden to let people into the gym. If they are members, they have a key and can let themselves in.
  • New membership keys are uploaded when members return their keys.

Comfort rules

  • Always change into indoor shoes. Never workout wearing outdoor shoes or with bare feet.
  • Try to keep the gym nice and tidy. Throw garbage in the baskets placed in the gym or the dressing room.
  • When you have finished your exercise; put weights, dumbbells and other equipment back in its right place. Ask around if you are uncertain about the right place.
  • Release dumbbells and other weights gently.
  • Wipe off benches and other equipment.
  • Let other people use the equipment you are currently using. Limit your time on the "warm-up machines" when there are people waiting.
  • Respect the maximum volume of the music.
  • Never workout bare-chested.

Rules concerning deposition

  • When your membership has expired you need to either renew your membership (through or webpage) or return the key card within two weeks. Otherwise your key card will be deactivated. Then we can't verify that it is our key card and you have to get a receipt from the SSSB office. After two months your key-card will be removed from the Aptus system and your deposit is forfeit.
  • All payments are done through Paypal. It is your responsible that the right e-mail address is given to us. No refunds will be made.

Rules concerning illegal substances & drugs

  • The Sports Committee takes a stand against illegal doping. The Swedish Sports Confederation may conduct testing in the gym. Members that refuse to be tested or test positive for illegal doping will forfeit their membership.
  • It is under no circumstances allowed to bring alcohol or other drugs to the gym’s facilities.